Python Software Tools for Glider Data

This document provides references to Python software relevant to glider data users. We rely on developers to keep this list up-to-date. If you know of corrections or additions, kindly inform us so that we may include links to the information.

Visualise IMOS glider data with Python

A tutorial that demonstrates how AODN glider data can be found, downloaded and loaded into Python; how to look through data and attributes of the data files; make plots and save modified data as netCDF files.



Dbdreader is a python package for reading binary data files generated by Teledyne Webb Research Slocum gliders.



Glider Tools is a python toolkit for processing Seaglider base station NetCDF files: despiking, smoothing, outlier detection, backscatter, fluorescence quenching, calibration, gridding, interpolation.



GUTILS is a python framework for working with the data from Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). It supports Teledyne Webb Slocum Gliders.



Glidersim is an attempt to simulate the behaviour of (typically Slocum) ocean gliders.


Plotting IOOS glader data with IRIS & CARTOPY

IOOS demonstrates how to obtain and plot glider data using Python IRIS and CARTOPY.